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Besides the Screen 2015 Conference

Author: Kate Green   31st March 2015


We are proud to support and be host to the Besides the Screen 2015 Conference next week. The workshop and talks are centred around the book launch of ‘Besides the Screen’. For more information and for links to register, please visit the Besides the Screen Website.

Besides the Screen seeks to make an intervention into film and screen studies by examining and considering the elements of cinematic experience, production and dissemination that exist beside the screen. New media technologies impact cinema well beyond the screen; they also promote the reorganization of its logic of distribution, modes of consumption and viewing regimes. This publication speculates about the changes in modes of accessing, distributing, storing and promoting moving images and how they might affect cinematographic experience, economy and historiography. In doing so, Besides the Screen examines three key themes: distribution, promotion and curation. The volume’s main argument is that we must examine those practices that exist besides the screen if we are to consider fully how filmic experience is mediated by various technological and societal changes in the early decades of the twenty-first century.

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