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Disruptive Media Learning Expo

Author: Kate Green   25th March 2015

It’s been a couple of days since the Disruptive Media Learning Expo was held here in the lab. We would first and foremost thank all our speakers and everyone who came to support our first major event.

There was a real buzz over the two days with powerful talks, thoughtful conversations and innovative learning technologies. Never before attempted, we managed to squeeze 60 people in our grass area for Keynote Graham Brown-Martin. Our space was used in a completely different way and it was a real test of how a learning environment can be transformed into a disruptive event space.

Our wooden hill, which has struggled to find its identity in the lab, was transformed into an orchestral stage for an amateur cello and violin band, led by Laura Ritchie (Chichester University). Laura gathered our guests (most of which academics) and taught them to play a tune in harmony. She congratulated everyone on our failings and told us that we should not be afraid to fail as long as we learn something by it. We thought that this message was really important as we dive in trying new ways of teaching and learning across the university.

A thumbs up to @bryanmathers for his creative reflective contribution to the online discussion with his illustrations.


Silent disco? No no, what seemed like a silent room was actually Jonathan Worth‘s Speaking Openly session with everyone listening to prerecorded talks through their smart devices. Tweeting along notes and thoughts, the Speaking Openly conversation really became speaking openly about open education online. Catch up with the talks here and tweet your thoughts using #speakingopenly.


We will be uploading the recorded conversations soon as they are just getting finished off.

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