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Diary of an Intern: Week 3 – Micromanager at Large

Author: Tyrone Bellamy-Wood   27th July 2015

The past week has been surprise after surprise.

My line manager is away at a work event, two testers were introduced to me, and I felt the work I had done was just a skeleton, ready for context to be added, so that users of the app will know what to do with it!
Tyrone Week 3I had to plan out and change my workflow so more parts of the project could be tested sooner rather than later. Work got intense at times, I was putting in nearly 12 hours a day to get coding bugs ironed out. I feel the dedication has payed off though, as key aspects of the app are ready to be field tested and played with little to no errors. The only thing left to do in certain places is some refining, polishing, and adding a few additional features.

Some people have said I’m pushing myself a little too hard but as an intern that’s exactly what it means to me. The past week has been a test of my abilities. Micromanaging people and work. I feel I have handled it well and the experience has helped me grow that extra bit.

Overall the third week has been manic with a side of fatigue, yet it’s still been a great positive experience.

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