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JISC Praises Coventry Open Media Classes in Comprehensive Report

Author: Alex Masters   15th July 2015
Picture by Alan Levine:
Picture by Alan Levine: [CC BY 2.0]

The DMLL would like to thank Jisc for their recent review of the Open initiatives here at Coventry University, recognising the world leading work that has been done, through the likes of the Phonar, Picbod, and Connected Courses initiatives. The independent review, authored by Lou Mcgill and Tim Gray, draws a coherent narrative from the various stakeholder and multiple perspectives that have come to characterise this veritable conflagration of open innovation. At the same time placing the numerous outcomes and iterations within international and interdisciplinary contexts.

The report, which has already been shared widely on Twttter, concludes with recommendations for how other institutions and individuals can apply some of the lessons learnt here at CoventryA question of trust? Five tips to encourage innovative approaches to open learning.

The report reflects the findings from an evaluation study into Coventry University’s distributed open media classes, spanning a period of one year, that considers the past and current practice of key stakeholders in the open media classes.

“This report is clear and obvious evidence of the outstanding work that is being done in Coventry in leading the HE learning agenda. The work that Jonathan Worth and colleagues are leading is fundamentally changing the learning opportunities for students world wide.”

Ian Dunn – Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience at Coventry University

Here at the DMLL we are delighted to hear such glowing feedback with regards to our efforts in pushing the boundaries of innovation within teaching and learning.

Disruptive Media Learning Lab director Shaun Hides said “The Lab has a keen interest in Open, Connected approaches to learning, so the fact that we’re being recognised as world leading in this important and independent review, is very exciting. Looking forward, it’s equally exciting that our portfolio of education innovation is both wide and varied, and that we’ve moved beyond seeing  “Open” as an Ends in itself, but see it as one means to enable, to amplify, and to extend, our innovations at a time of great educational disruption.”

“We have proven to our institution that by opening up our photography classes we create a network of connected visual storytellers who serve to enrich the experience of the paying and attending student (leading to our course becoming the most over subscribed in the University). This virtuous circle of the distributed class has enabled engagement by individuals and communities barred from traditional closed learning either by geographical, financial or cultural barrier, whilst simultaneously offering an expanded network of resource and collaboration to the attendee. As far as we can see – everyone wins.” 

Reclaim Open Learning Awards, 2013

The report is available in its entirety below in PDF format:

PDF Document Open Media Classes at Coventry University
Final Evaluation Report 2015

Authors: Lou McGill, Tim Gray        



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