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Peter Gouzouasis’ visit to the Lab

Author: Katherine Wimpenny   14th December 2015

January 25 – 28th, 2016 we will welcome Professor Peter Gouzouasis to the lab from the University of British Columbia, (UBC). Over the past 25 years, Peter Gouzouasis’ work at UBC has evolved through three connective strands: (1) teaching and learning in music (including digital media and technologies), (2) developing an understanding of learning in and through the Arts and general curriculum using Arts Based Educational Research methods and digital technologies, and (3) relational, developmental perspectives on lifelong learning. These strands, or themes, have shaped Peter’s current scholarship as distinctive and innovative; expanding the methodological and pedagogical boundaries of arts related educational research and pedagogic practice.

Peter has a wide range of publications. He is particularly interested in non-fictional story-telling using auto-ethnography and duo-ethnography and we will be sharing some of his papers and his favourite writers/ performers to help introduce Peter’s ideas and practices.

During his visit Peter will not only present on his work including opportunity for interactive workshops and drop in sessions, but he will bring his guitar and music to inspire and entertain. We hope his visit will encourage staff, students and researchers across campus to come and share / discuss ideas and perspectives around creative pedagogy, design thinking and poetic/ performance inquiry.

Proposed Itinerary 
Tuesday 25th:

Morning Campus Tour, please let Katherine or Kate know whether you would like to meet Peter in the morning to show him your area.

Afternoon PhD session: A focus on arts related research methodologies (times TBC)

Wednesday 26th: 

Morning Seminar in DMLL, open to all: A overview of Peter’s research and work on Arts Based Research/ Arts Based Education Research/ Creative Arts Pedagogy

Thursday 27th:

Morning Staff and Student interactive session using soundscapes, to inspire creativity across all forms of teaching and learning. 

Afternoon working with ‘Films to make you feel good’  – this will not involved CU staff and students as we will be going over to Leicestershire 


About Peter Gouzouasis

Professor, The University of British Columbia

Peter-GouzouasisMuch of the research of Peter Gouzouasis over the past 25 years has focused on Arts learning and teaching. He has studied traditional classroom learning, alternative forms of learning, socio-emotional and motivational aspects of the Arts in learning, the role of the Arts in academic achievement, and the roles of digital technologies in Arts learning. He is one of the few researchers to have successfully applied quantitative (quasi-experimental, correlation, and descriptive) and qualitative (action research, narrative, autobiography, ethnography, autoethnography, ethnodrama, poetic representation) research methods in the study of Arts teaching and learning. Peter’s array of presentations and publications that implement those methods flow through three themes that are central to his interconnected understanding of (1) teaching and learning in a variety of music making contexts (including traditional and digital media and technologies), (2) developing an understanding of learning and teaching in and through the Arts and in the general K-12 curriculum using ABER methods, creative pedagogies, and digital technologies, and (3) a relational, developmental perspective of lifelong learning.

Since 2000, much of his work has been rooted in Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) and Creative Analytical Practices (CAP), in solo, duo, and ensemble composed publications. The growing interest in, and popularity of, his research is evidenced by over 16,000 downloads of papers and 1000+ profile views on since March 2013. Professor Gouzouasis has published 35-refereed journal articles (16 solo, 10 duo, 9 ensemble), 12 refereed conference proceedings (2 were subsequently expanded and published in refereed journals), two edited books (1 solo, 1 ensemble), 12 book chapters (3 solo, 5 duo, 1 trio, 3 ensemble), 7-refereed journal articles in review (2 solo, 5 duo), and 6 non-refereed professional articles (all solo). From 2006-2014, he served on the executive board of the Arts & Learning SIG as well as co-Editor of the Arts and Learning Research Journal (2007-2009).

In his leisure time, a lifelong music learner whose university studies in were in music (guitar & voice) and developmental psychology, Professor Gouzouasis plays jazz, blues and guitar in solo and small ensembles.


Suggested Readings


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