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Charlie talks Work Experience: Week 3

Author: Alex Masters   25th February 2016
by Charlie Legge, student at Coventry University doing his work experience with the lab

This week’s been a little more fragmented than the previous two, with my meetings being split into a 2-hour session Monday and a meeting on Thursday, the former of which involved the consolidation of the 145 sets of notes on the assessments from SOPI project. Ordering, counting and to an extent ranking, the prominence of what cropped up in the essays. After the short task I had a full set of thematic codes from the assessment that can be used to analyse the project! These will be used by the research team to generate data and conclusions on SOPI.

My meeting later in the week involved discussing my involvement with the Learnium project, of which Gemma and Jacqui are also working on as well as SOPI. Partway through the meeting while negotiating what my role will be we felt a disturbance in the force as Ian Dunn, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor passed the door, Gemma mentioned we could get him in on the meeting as he was involved in the project, but luckily for him, he escaped before we could speak to him. It was decided that I’ll be taking a lead role in the evaluation of the second phase of the project, deciding on formatting of evaluation forms, drawing up user guides for the platform and devising participant information sheets; improving on the previous phase and drawing upon my experience in my Psychology studies. I’ll also potentially be putting out more blogs on Learnium so there’s always something to look forward to right? Right?

So armed with my MacBook and a hefty amount of Learnium information and reports, I’ll be contributing a large amount in the coming weeks to the Learnium project, even getting my name in on the report afterwards! Maybe not so much of a side-project after all…

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