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Charlie talks Work Experience: Week 4

Author: Alex Masters   2nd March 2016
by Charlie Legge, student at Coventry University doing his work experience with the lab

The focus of this week has been to start on my Learnium responsibilities, and my first plan is to scour Learnium for any bugs or errors, of which I have compiled a relatively exhaustive list, although of nothing too serious. I have also been poring over the reports and forms from Learnium in order to familiarise myself with anything and everything Learnium. So after sending the bug report on to the powers that be, my current task is to put together a user guide in order to streamline the process for new users, as this had been expressed as a difficulty with the platform before. Although having said that, there’s been a deadline looming over my head that’s only just passed, so while my progress has been limited so far, it’s only up from here. Even getting an email from Robert Dragan saying I’m part of the DMLL community, so I can now pretend I matter.

In other news I was made to feel far too important by getting administrative privileges on Learnium, and apart from accidentally changing the Economics community’s cover picture to a melon, those privileges remain relatively unexercised. More experimentation needed.

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