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Project : Shakespeare Week Project

8th February 2017
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Overview The DMLL is working with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) to create an interactive platform that will be used as part of the Shakespeare Week activities that they organise for primary school children. The platform is hosted on MakeWaves, a digital badges platform aimed at children under the age of 13. We have collaborated with SBT and MakeWaves..

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Coventry we have a situation

Project : We Have A Situation: Coventry!

4th November 2016

Overview We Have A Situation:Coventry! is a DMLL project involving Helen Varley Jamieson, a media artist, playwright, performer, director and producer and the ‘International Artist in Residence’ 2016, in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities (FAH), at Coventry University from November 17 – 24th. During the residency period, coordinated by Rachelle Vader Knowles, Helen led..

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Blog : CU Digital Leaders Programme Launches!

2nd November 2016

On Monday 31st October, a student to staff collaborative project was launched to encourage the shared knowledge of digital literacies. The Digital Leaders programme intends to equip students with the professional skills and confidence to share their knowledge of the digital world with their peers, whilst tailoring this to their current study and specialised interests…

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Blog : Life as an Activator – Interview with Graduate Lauren Heywood

17th August 2016
Lauren Heywood

Lauren Heywood graduated in 2014 from her Fine Art degree, and has been working at the DMLL since May 2015. We met up with our Graduate Activator as she lifts the lid on what life is like working within the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. Being at the forefront of teaching innovation, we figured the best..

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Insights / Learner Citizenship

The evaluation of the use of pedagogies promoting learner citizenship though the lab’s project Open Badges revealed the following key points through the evaluation process: Open Badges Delivery of teaching and learning activity To ensure that students’ additional efforts are acknowledged and appreciated, the DMLL has launched an Open Badges project to examine the feasibility..

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Project : MUSE

22nd June 2016
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Overview MUSE: Modernity & Disability: Ensuring Quality Education for Disabled Students Accessibility of Higher Education Democratisation of HE has helped to ensure a growing trend of increasing enrolment of students with disabilities, although it is still not significant enough in terms of potential numbers. According to the World Health Organisation, 15% of the world’s population..

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Videos / Lost in Disruption? Open Badges

Speakers: Jacqui Speculand & Fiona Harvey Location: The Grass Foreword from Jacqui and Fiona: Open Badges are digital representations of skills and knowledge gained and evidenced by individuals. They can be used for formal and informal education, and are particularly suitable for employability and portfolio evidence. Badges earned can be displayed on the earners social..

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UniverCity Project - DMLL - Coventry University

Project : UniverCity Match-Making Portal

16th May 2016
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Lead Partner Sinead Ouillon Programme Leader the City University Initiative Overview In the context of austerity measures, resulting in reduction of funding by as much as 50% in the City council, focus has moved to the civic role of Universities. It is therefore timely to pilot a new coordinated form of University community engagement that..

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Blog : Reblog: Integrating Open Badges into OTL’s ‘Guide to Campus’ Project

2nd February 2016

The Office of Teaching & Learning is a newly formed department focused on the engagement and experience of Coventry University students. DMLL is currently working with the OTL’s Project Officer, Esmé Spurling, who is leading a new project called ‘Guide to Campus’. The project will connect prospective and current first year undergraduate/postgraduate Chinese students to Coventry..

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Project : Open Badges

28th January 2016
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Overview Open Badges recognise skills and learning through digital certification. Open Badges allow the badge owner to demonstrate achievement and the viewer to see the criteria for the badge. They are becoming increasingly popular as a means of recognising, rewarding and publicising achievements, skills and knowledge. This project is currently investigating the feasibility of using..

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