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Project : CU Domain of One’s Own

26th September 2016
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Overview Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) initiatives allow students and faculty to register a subdomain (or buy a separate domain) and associate it with hosted web space offered by their universities for free. After leaving university, users have the choice to download a backup of their files and data that may be restored using the..

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Blog : Ready to become a Digital Leader?

26th September 2016
Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders is a new and exciting opportunity for Coventry University students to develop digital skills and learn techniques to pass those skills on to others. No matter whether you already are digital savvy or not, enrolled in a undergraduate or a postgraduate course, applications from any students eager to increase their own understanding of the digital..

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Videos / Lost in Disruption? Reclaiming Innovation: Brian Lamb

Speaker: Brian Lamb Location: The Grass Foreword from Brian: It has been an angst-filled few years for educational technology as a field. The entrenchment of the enterprise virtual learning environment as institutional hegemon. The pounding waves of hype and profit driven innovations keeping educators off-balance, always responding to the latest breathless claims, and fears of..

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Videos / Lost in Disruption? Reclaiming Innovation: Jim Groom

Speaker: Jim Groom Location: The Grass Foreword from Jim: “Knowing our ed-tech history is completely necessary for building an ed-tech future.” – Audrey Watters One of the greatest dangers of the rhetoric around innovation and disruption in EdTech is its ahistoricism. How do we understand the current state of digital culture in higher education as..

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Blog : Reblog: The Reclaiming Innovation Roadshow at Coventry University

24th May 2016

Reblogged from Jim Groom At the end of April Brian Lamb and I spent three days on the ground at Coventry University. We were cordially invited by the great Daniel Villar-Onrubia given his interest in an EDUCAUSE Review article we wrote back in 2014 titled “Reclaiming Innovation.” I think the polemic Brian started the article with around questions..

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Blog : Jonathan Worth: Discussing Copyright at European Parliament

23rd April 2015

Principal Project Lead Jonathan Worth was invited this week to speak at the European Parliament alongside Hollywood Director Lexi Alexander and author Cory Doctorow as creators at the forefront of the changing cultural economy. “The recurring theme of the success stories of authors making a living with the Internet is fostering a positive relationship between author and audience,..

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