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Blog : The Game Changers Team on Tour

23rd March 2017
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For the last four days, the Game Changers team have been on tour to CU Scarborough, local Scarborough colleges, and the Coventry University main campus. The tour was to promote Game Based Learning (GBL) and Playful Learning. We’ve had students, staff, and members of the public join us to learn about using games and play..

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Featured / Playful and Gameful

Game Changers

  Gameful and playful learning is a key part of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab’s (DMLL) activities. Through a process of design based thinking, the DMLL helps to facilitate the use of games and playful activities to develop active participation and engaging learning activities. The gameful and playful strand of the DMLL is part funded..

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Blog : Game Changers Goes on Tour!

14th March 2017
Game Changers Tour Blog

We have exciting news! The Game Changers programme is going on tour! When: March 20th to March 23rd 2017 Where: Scarborough to Coventry   From March 20th to March 24th the Game Changers programme will be going mobile. Traveling between Scarborough and Coventry watch out for our yellow American school bus to get involved! We..

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Blog : Remix Play, A Guests Point of View

13th March 2017

Re-blogged with permission from David Andrew   A day workshop in February 2017, organised by Game Changers at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University. The day was an interesting fun day with a broad range of speakers and activities, ranging from commercial computer games, to traditional games and games designed for learning, reflecting..

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Blog : Project: CreativeCulture

10th March 2017

DMLL has recently received funding from NEWTON UK-SEA (AHRC + MoHE) programme to expand the impact of the GameChangers ( initiative into South-East Asia. The project is called CreativeCulture, which stands for ‘Creative and participatory transcultural practice and problem solving through game design and computational thinking’ and we are collaborating with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)..

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10th November 2016

The GAMECHANGERS programme has successfully secured HEFCE funding to establish an open game design and literacy course and community of Coventry University undergraduate students across its various campuses. Our approach is underpinned by the pedagogical approaches of ‘game-based learning’ and ‘learning by designing’. Through engaging students with the fundamentals of game creation, they will get..

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Blog : Wanted – students to test an app

6th October 2016

Want to play a game? Want to explore the city? Want to learn a language? Try out the ImparApp, help us with our research, and get a £10 Amazon voucher!  How to do this:  1. Download the TaleBlazer App (available on IOS and Android) ( 2. Open the app, click the menu and insert the Game..

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Blog : Explore the city of Coventry and learn Italian on the go with ImparApp!

19th August 2016

The ImparApp mobile game invites students to combine traditional attendance in the language classroom with exploration of the city of Coventry in a new and playful way! The game requires students to solve a time travel mystery by taking part in tasks that blend aspects of the physical environment with contextualised digital information supplied to..

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