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Commodore Amiga


Commodore’s successor to the C64 home computer & the last popular home computer. Powered by Motorola’s 68000 processor, its GUI made it a multimedia machine for both gamers & creatives. Designer Jay Miner used 2 custom chips to support the main processor, enabling it to display 4,000+ colours at a resolution of 640 X 512 pixels. Coupled with the Video Toaster plug-in card the Amiga A4000 allowed creatives to produce video & special effects. Electronic Arts’ Deluxe Paint, created for the Amiga, became the standard pixel graphics package in the 1990s. The most popular & bestselling home computer in Europe was the pared down A500. Iconic titles such as Populous, Lemmings & Lotus 2 made the Amiga popular with gamers.

  • USA 1985- games developed until 1996
  • Units sold: 5 million
  • Number of games: 1,500
  • Game storage: Disk/CD
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