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Sega Game Gear


Technologically Sega’s Game gear was streets ahead of the Game Boy. Boasting a back-lit display with 32 colours & a resolution of 160 x 146 pixels. The ‘Master gear Converter’ made it capable of running cartridges for the Master System. It also came with an external battery pack, a headphone jack & a TV tuner with an AV output as well as a port for linking to a second game Gear. Initially classic games like Space Harrier & Shinobi were available along with ports of the most popular Mega Drive titles, including a version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite these advantages the Game gear was plagued with a short battery life.  The size & weight of the console itself also compared unfavourably making it no match for the Game Boy.

  • Japan 1990 – games developed until 1996
  • Units sold: 11 million
  • Number of games: 300
  • Game storage: Cartridge
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