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360 Immersions

Lab Contact: Jacqui Speculand
Team: Sylvester Arnab, Sarah K-Andrews, Alex Masters, Luca Morini


360 filming can offer a completely immersive learning experience. Using either a 360 camera or a rig comprised of an array of go-pro cameras, scenarios can be filmed to create an immersive environment that can be used for teaching.


  1. To explore the use of 360 filming and editing techniques.  The project will explore how 360 cameras and filming rigs can be used to create fully immersive videos.
  1. To explore the potential for 360 films to be used as an immersive learning experience. The project will explore potential environments for creating immersive learning experiences. Sarah has experience within Journalism, but there is potential beyond this to develop learning environments.


Milestones & Timeline


  • November 2015
    Kick off discussions on the uses of 360 filming following presentation at MES 2015.
  • December 2015 – February 2016
    Trial of cameras, headsets and editing techniques. Trial filming including the junior doctor’s strike.
  • February – April 2016
    Project, filming and editing.
  • April – June 2016
    Implementation, testing and evaluation.



Project Timeline:

Start date:

November 2015

End date:

June 2016




Associated Faculties, Schools and/or Course(s):

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Media and Performing Arts
  • Journalism

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