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Digital Leaders

Lab Contact: Daniel Villar-Onrubia
Team: Phil Jones, Holly Singleton, Koula Charitonos, Sarah Merry, Isabel Galvis, Charlie Legge, Esme Spurling

Digital Leaders


CU Digital Leaders is a new student-staff partnership being piloted in 2016-17 with the aim of helping students improve their digital competences, take ownership of their online presence and gain awareness of their own digital identities. Based on peer-to-peer learning, This initiative is a collaboration of the Lanchester Library, the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL), and the Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) with a group of students: the Digital Leaders.

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This initiative is a unique opportunity for students to develop their digital skills, and acquire techniques to pass those skills on to their peers. Students interested in becoming Digital Leaders will need to attend a series of sessions between the 31st of October and the 11th of November 2016. Apart from introducing key areas and topics, these sessions will provide participants with support in the process of preparing their applications to be part of the team of Digital Leaders, which will be formed by 12-15 students from across all CU faculties. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can participate.

The students recruited as Digital Leaders will work together in the design, planning and delivery of activities aimed at developing peers’ digital competences. As a community, they will need to demonstrate leadership and organise, with the support of staff members, a number of initiatives throughout the academic year 2016-17.


  • Students appointed as Digital Leaders will receive a grant at the end of the project, subjected to satisfactory engagement and performance.
  • Digital Leaders will be provided with their own domain and web hosting space.
  • Open badges will be used as a way of recognising engagement and the development of certain skills.
  • At the end of the programme we will give a maximum of three awards in recognition of those initiatives demonstrating higher level of impact or engagement from the wider population of students and/or staff at CU.


Project Timeline:


Start date:

October 2016

End date:

June 2017





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