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Google Classroom

Lab Contact: Jacqui Speculand
Team: Gemma Tombs, Alex Masters, Oliver Wood


This project considered the use of the Google Apps for Education suite, including Google Google Classroom LogoClassroom as an alternative space for learning, teaching and collaboration. Google Apps are widely used across the institution by students and staff as a means of collaborating and sharing work. The Classroom provides a closed online space in which staff and students can collaborate and share work.

The space was used by two modules in Pre-Sessional English and one module in the internal MBA degree. Staff uploaded teaching content, tasks and assessments to the classroom and students used the links and the apps to work individually and in groups.

In addition, all staff involved, and students on the MBA were offered the use of a Chromebook to access the software.



  1. To evaluate the tools offered by Google Apps for Education: We were interested in how students and staff used the apps to collaborate, share and extend their learning networks beyond the classroom.

  2. To evaluate Google Classroom as a Learning Management System (LMS): Google offer Classroom as an alternative, free LMS that links easily to apps allowing more networked learning.

  3. To evaluate the use of Chromebooks in teaching and learning: staff and students were offered the use of a Chromebook to support their use of Google Apps. The evaluation will consider whether they offer a viable option to support learning.


Technology Application

Google Classroom is a closed site, only accessible to those granted access, and therefore offers an alternative to Moodle as an LMS. It offers easy links to YouTube and Google Apps, facilitating collaboration and networking amongst students and beyond the immediate learning community.

Chromebooks were issued to those who did not have mobile devices and those with limited access to technology outside their workplace.



  1. Summer 201

    Google Classroom was used in 2 pre-sessional English courses to facilitate student learning, create easy access to YouTube learning objects and support collaborative writing and discussion.

  2. Sept – Nov 2015

    Google Classroom was used in the Responsible Leadership and Management module on the internal MBA programme. Course content, including reading lists, discussion topics and collaborative assignments were uploaded, as well as videos of the classroom sessions for those who were unable to attend.

  3. Dec 2015

    The project will be evaluated and the findings, outcomes and recommendations will be disseminated.



December 2015
  • A questionnaire was sent to all students on the MBA module; we are awaiting responses.



Project Timeline:

Start date

September 2015

End date

December 2015




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