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PALS: Pre Arrival Library Support

Lab Contact: Jacqui Speculand
Team: Gemma Tombs

Lanchester Library PhotoOverview

The PALS project was a joint venture between the Lanchester Library and the DMLL. It was developed to prepare students for study at Coventry University, helping to manage expectations and ease the transition to studying in UK higher education.

We have developed an online multi-media site using WordPress to provide orientation and basic information about the resources and services found at Coventry University Library.  The site includes animations, video advice from current international students, interactive  tutorials and quizzes.

The aim is to provide international students with information about the library before they arrive in the UK. The site includes an introduction to the Library’s physical space, facilities and services, roles of Library staff and  gives advice about how to make the best use of Library resources to maximise chances of academic success.  This resource will be continually updated to take account of ongoing improvements to Library facilities and in response to evaluations of the PALS project. The Pre-Arrival Library Support website can be found here.



Project Timeline:

Start date

January 2015

End date

September 2015




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