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Lab Contact: Jacqueline Cawston
Team: Debra James

Pergamon LogoOverview

DMLL and SGI are partners in the H2020 PERGAMON project which aims to create a framework that will facilitate commercial partnerships between providers of innovative ICT technologies on the supply side and the creative industry operating in the field of serious games on the demand side. Specifically, the PERGAMON project will create an innovative technology framework for the development of pervasive serious games able to provide a personalised gaming experience.

The project team will create a pilot game for children about the management of diabetes, which will demonstrate the effectiveness of a pervasive fun game integrated with personalised user assistance and a coach to assist with motivation. The new concept of the digital game can be used in various application contexts (health care, corporate training, education, government etc.) but will initially be implemented and tested for the empowerment of chronic disease patients.



  1. To implement and pilot test a gaming framework that helps the creative SME to develop pervasive serious games in an effective and efficient way.
  2. To develop new emotional and engaging serious game concepts integrated with personalised user assistance by means of a Virtual Coach and Artificial Intelligent functions.
  3. To set up a flexible gaming framework that is expandable so that additional services can be added at any time.
  4. To connect the creative SME with the business network operating in the serious games international market.
  5. To facilitate strategic business alliances between creative SMEs and providers of leading edge ICT technologies.


Technology Application

The pervasive serious game framework will be built on the following components:

  • a Sensor Network for monitoring the player by means of wireless sensors
  • a Virtual Coach delivering personalised assistance to the player in the real life
  • a Game Guide that adapts the challenges presented in the game and their level of difficulty to the data collected by the sensor network and to the user’s interaction with the game itself
  • a Dashboard accessible through a web site
  • social and pervasive game dynamics that encourage players to engage in challenges of increasing difficulty.



  1. Report on the results of the pilot test (December 2016)
  2. Business and Exploitation plan (December 2016)
  3. Dissemination event at the Games for Health Europe 2016 conference in Coventry
  4. Final dissemination event in London in autumn 2016



  1. Definition of the PERGAMON architecture
  2. Development of the sensor network
  3. Development of the gamification platform
  4. Concept of the game
  5. Development of the adventure game (6 rooms developed out of 7)
  6. Dissemination workshops in Netherlands and Italy


Project Timeline

Start date

January 2015

End date

December 2016




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