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Photobooks: Morocco

Lab Contact: Helen Keegan


The book can offer a way to think about time, space, memory and communication – elements that are vital to successful communication through any artist medium. Furthermore it offers a coherent vehicle for communication which is able to travel easily, change hands simply, and pass on ideas fluently.

Here, we set out to bring these qualities to a community in Casablanca who do not have easy access to bookmaking materials, photobook-as-inspiration or instructors to encourage. The attendance at previous Photobook Club events run by Daniel Donnelly demonstrated a desire to make, create and speak – the running of a free, three day workshop seemed a natural progression for these individuals and the first step to raising the profile of wonderfully energetic and articulate Moroccan photographers.



To provide the skills and resources to produce considered book works and for those publishing to have confidence in their ability and voice. it is important for this project that as much as possible, resources are sourced from Casablanca in order to create a viable and sustainable community that is not reliant on external funding.

Ultimately we plan to see, and read, about what Moroccan’s want to say about photography, art, books, life, and their environments. This voice is currently absent from contemporary photography and book making.




  1. Workshop:

    Prepare and run a 3 day intensive workshop for 15 participants in Casablanca, Morocco. The workshop will begin with a set of images and result in the production of a considered dummy photobook. Participants will be taken through discussions and workshops on intent, design, sequencing, editing, user experience and binding.

  2. Community:

    Establish a healthy and sustainable community of photobook or artists’ books enthusiasts which is built around members ideas and intentions.

  3. Exchange:

    To support this group and establish links between Coventry and Casablanca with a series of book swaps and deliveries. These will offer an exchange of ideas between students here at the University and members of the Casablanca community who may be relatively new to bookmaking. It will offer a safe and encouraging environment for dissemination of work, ideas and critique.

  4. Extension (with additional funding):

    The creation of a packaged workshop which will provide tools, instructions, discussions and video tutorials to allow the 3 day workshop to be delivered by others or to arrive directly with an interested individual.  


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Project Timeline:

Start date

Sept 2015

End date

Sept 2015




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