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Social Media Circuit Training

Lab Contact: Martin Jenkins
Team: Kate Green, Oliver Wood

Social Media Circuit Training Project


How often do you hear it suggested that we use social media in the classroom? But what does that actually mean? And is it really useful in a learning environment?
The idea behind our Social Media Circuit Training (SMCT) project is simple. Get people talking!
We have a big room with three tables. Each table focuses on a specific social media. Three groups of lecturers gets 15 minutes a table and the opportunity to discover and discuss each social media in the context of their teaching practice.
But now the twist. The tables are hosted by students. They present the social media they use and in the way they want to use them. We are literally ‘turning the tables’.
Let the debate begin…



The project has made good progress and has run its first series of sessions. With our facilitation, students discussed the Social Media they use and chose the context for our first three tables. We left it to the students to decide how they would manage the 15 minutes. Our only requirement being it should be a discussion not a presentation.
Three sessions later, we now have a solid format and have generated lively, engaged, discussion. Participant feedback has been very positive and have clear directions as to how we can further develop the format.




The Bigger Picture

This is not just about social media. We are creating a model where lecturers and students can meet and discuss teaching and learning as equal partners. Both sides can learn. Student colaboration is massively important in the current HE environment and creating safe and honest spaces for exchange essential to his process. Our circuit training model is a safe and lively activity where these engagements can constructively deliver.


The Future

We plan to build on the success of our initial sessions. Social media is evolving generation by generation and we believe our format can provide a sustainable model for exploring different social medias as they evolve and grow.
We are also looking at extending the net. Generationally engaging school kids (our next wave of students) and our older generations (who are making these technologies their own in quite unique ways) could offer interesting insights. We are also exploring ways of capturing these engagements unobtrusively using spherical video capture and presenting non linear ways of engaging with these conversations.
Watch this space!

Project developed by Ian Upton.
Supported by Chidimma Okoye and Martin Jenkins 🙂


Project Timeline:

Start date

May 2015

End date




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