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Technology Enhanced Learning 

Research Themes 

Savin-Baden, S., Faulkner, L., Wimpenny, K.  Callaghan, M.  (2017) Virtual Worlds for Learning  In E. Duval., M. Sharples, and R. Sutherland  (Eds.) Technology Enhanced Learning: Research Themes. Springer.



Virtual Worlds for Learning


Maggi Savin-Baden, Liz Falconer, Katherine

Wimpenny and Michael Callaghan

This book gives an overview of the state-of-the-art in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). It is organised as a collection of 14 research themes, each introduced by leading experts and including references to the most relevant literature on the theme of each cluster. 

In the chapter by Savin-Baden, Falconer, Wimpenny and Callaghan, we examine four papers that have been influential in the use of virtual worlds for learning. We draw on a range of other research and literature in order to locate virtual world learning across the landscape of higher education. Whilst there is sometimes a misconception that research into learning in virtual worlds is very new, the field began to develop in the late 1990’s and has continued since then. Typical examples of the first iterations of virtual worlds include Second Life, Active Worlds, and Kaneva, which have been available for up to 20 years. The second generation is currently being developed, examples being High Fidelity and Project Sansar. The chapter reviews the literature in this field and suggests central themes that emerge are: Socialisation; Presence and immersion in virtual world learning; Learning collaboratively and Trajectories of participation.


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Cultural Citizen Inquiry: Making space for the ‘everyday’ in language teaching and learning

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Charitonos, K. (2017). ‘Cultural Citizen Inquiry: Making space for the ‘everyday’ in language teaching and learning. in C. Herodotou, M. Sharples and E. Scanlon (Eds). Citizen Inquiry: A fusion of citizen science and inquiry learning. London, UK: Taylor and Francis This chapter presents a small exploratory study undertaken as action research in two community schools in the..

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An Arts-Informed Qualitative Research Synthesis into Clinical Improvisation in Music Therapy: Researcher Reflections

Authors: Katherine Wimpenny (Co-lead Research, DMLL, CU) and Anthony Meadows (Associate Professor of Music Shenandoah University, US). In this case study, we profile, synthesize, and represent qualitative research regarding the ways music therapists engage in, and make meaning from, clinical improvisation. We share the synthesis process. We highlight how qualitative research synthesis was used to..

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