top an-arts-informed-qualitative-research-synthesis-into-clinical-improvisation-in-music-therapy-researcher-reflections

An Arts-Informed Qualitative Research Synthesis into Clinical Improvisation in Music Therapy: Researcher Reflections

Authors: Katherine Wimpenny (Co-lead Research, DMLL, CU) and Anthony Meadows (Associate Professor of Music Shenandoah University, US).

depth-of-field-1867453_1280In this case study, we profile, synthesize, and represent qualitative research regarding the ways music therapists engage in, and make meaning from, clinical improvisation. We share the synthesis process. We highlight how qualitative research synthesis was used to analyze, synthesize, and interpret the findings from robust qualitative studies that address the research theme.
Furthermore, as a means of broadening dialogues, opening up the landscape more fully, and sharing our response to the analysis and interpretation of the data, we discuss how we conducted an an arts-informed re-presentation of the synthesis.

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Feature Image courtesy of Pexels (CC0 Public Domain).
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