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Author: Jacqui Speculand

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The use of technology in learning, and the implementation of web-based learning environments, enhance and extend traditional physical teaching and learning space.

The technologies available to support teaching and learning are extensive, as are their uses and applications. The skill for the future educator will be to select the technologies that best support their ability to add value to students’ learning, to mobilise their intrinsic motivations, to enable them to curate resources; in-short, to support the transition from a static/broadcast/authority based pedagogy, to an agile/flexible/responsive one — one that nonetheless retains a strong philosophy, method, and ethos.

In the DMLL, this theme will take a needs-driven approach to the selection and use of technology: there will be no single preferred solution or platform that can be applied across the institution. We will seek out new (challenging) platforms, software, technologies and business/delivery models — promoting and supporting experimentation, and explicitly adopting a maker/ hacker/ trial-and-error approach, in collaboration with student and staff…

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