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Gamifying Learning Spaces

Speaker: Shay Moradi

Location: The Grass



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About the session

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab’s second #disruptivebytes session welcomes you to learn more about gamifying library spaces from visiting guests LibraryGame. Shay Moradi visited the lab to speak about some of the challenges, perceptions and lessons from his journey of developing Librarygame, which aims to support library services in an interesting and gamified way.


About the host

Shay Moradi is a British–Iranian designer and entrepreneur based in the UK. He is a partner at Running in the Halls (RITH), acting as both Creative Director and Business Developer, and co-founder of Librarygame,

Librarygame is a bespoke library enhancement product that adds game elements directly into the library experience to make it more fun, engaging and delightful. As well as giving your library patrons a fresh social discovery interface, Librarygame also provides useful metrics on how your library is being used.

Librarygame is awesome because it brings together all your library users to create an engaging, fun and exciting library experience. It enhances the existing interface of the library effectively and markets the library to low or non-users while showing a realtime measure of user engagement.


When and where?

May 27th 12:00 – 1:00 pm @ The Grass, 3rd floor Lanchester Library

Missed a session?

Fear not, you can click here to watch them in full on our YouTube page after the fact.



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