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How the Connected Society is Transforming Learning

Speaker: Graham Brown-Martin

Location: The Grass



About Graham’s work:

Graham Brown-Martin recently undertook a commission that took him to 18 countries on 6 continents, travelling more than 125,000 miles accompanied by an award-winning photographic team to explore how digital platforms are transforming the way we live, learn, and communicate.

From refugee camps in Syria, mountainous regions in China, deep into rural India and then to the design studios and schools in Silicon Valley he visited some of the most diverse environments imaginable, meeting passionate educators working in complex situations.

He met with global thought leaders including Noam Chomsky, Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin and Sugata Mitra, designers and creators of new platforms reaching increasingly large populations and asked “what is education for?”

Graham Brown-Martin
Graham Brown-Martin
Speaker, Curator & Writer.
Graham Brown-Martin is the founder of Learning Without Frontiers, a global think tank that brought together renowned educators, technologists and creatives to share provocative and challenging ideas about the future of learning.

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