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Lost in Disruption? Ignite

Speakers: Cathryn Goodwin, Kate Green, Koula Charitonos, Samantha Clarke, Gemma Tombs

Location: The Grass


About the session

5 DMLL team members. 5 minutes each. 20 slides each. 15 seconds for each slide. The DMLL presents five projects that deal with a number of challenges that we face in education and also with technology.

  1. Cathryn Goodwin: Lanchester Interactive (00:00)
  2. Kate Green: Pergamon (5:07)
  3. Koula Charitonos: ImparApp (10:16)
  4. Samantha Clarke: Crowds4Roads (15:05)
  5. Gemma Tombs: Muse (20:10)
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