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Lost in Disruption? Reclaiming Innovation: Jim Groom

Speaker: Jim Groom

Location: The Grass

Foreword from Jim:

“Knowing our ed-tech history is completely necessary for building an ed-tech future.” – Audrey Watters

One of the greatest dangers of the rhetoric around innovation and disruption in EdTech is its ahistoricism. How do we understand the current state of digital culture in higher education as part of a digital revolution that is couched within the impossibility of privacy, the omnipotence of data, and the educational affordances of a surveillance society. This presentation will go back to the possible futures of higher ed in the not-sodistant past: the 1990s. We will look at an earlier context of educational technologies as it first comes into contact with the World Wide Web in order to suggest alternative paths for innovation and disruption that are premised on reclaiming privacy online,
controlling one’s personal data, and creating a cooperative web built and managed by an intellectual community.

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Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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