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The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning: What Do We Know?

Speaker: Adrian Kirkwood

Location: The Grass



Foreword from Adrian Kirkwood:

“Through the use of technology, universities in many countries now offer aspects of blended or distance education. Although technology uptake has been considerable, it seems reasonable to ask what the impact has been on academic practices.

Has technology been disruptive? If so, disruptive of what? – and for what purpose(s)? What has ‘technology enhanced learning’ managed to enhance? What lessons have been learned from research and evaluation studies and how widely have those lessons been disseminated throughout the HE community? What has been the impact of research and evaluation studies of learning technologies on teachers and teaching? More importantly, what has been the impact upon student learning?”

Adrian Kirkwood
Adrian Kirkwood
Consultant – Teaching & Learning with Technology
Adrian Kirkwood is a technology consultant specialising in teaching and learning.


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