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Author: Kate Green   4th November 2014

This project investigates the effectiveness and efficiency of Spritz (computer based speed reading application) as a learning resource, particularly for students with dyslexia. Sean Graham and Arinola Adefila, supported by Principal Project Lead Jacqui Speculand, will test the efficacy of Spritzed learning resources by developing an App specifically for Biomedical Science students on the Add+vantage “Learning to Write Scientifically” module*.

Spritz developers claim, it can enhance the potential to read more accurately and thereby improve retention and comprehension:

Traditional reading involves publishing text in lines and moving your eyes sequentially from word to word. For each word, the eye seeks a certain point within the word, which we call the “Optimal Recognition Point™” or ORP™. After your eyes find the ORP™, your brain starts to process the meaning of the word that you’re viewing. Spritzing™ presents reading content with the ORP™ located at the specific place where you’re already looking, allowing you to read without having to move your eyes. With this approach, reading becomes more efficient because spritzing™ increases the time your brain spends processing content without having to waste time searching for the next word’s ORP™. Spritz Developers

The technology transforms text based information into a format that permits readers to focus on only one word at a time and control the rate at which the words appear. Accelerated rates of 1000 words per minute are achievable, although personal speed preferences can vary by user. Initially the project will gauge levels of interest and acceptance by students of the technology as an alternative to the traditional method of reading (i.e. scanning words sequentially across the page).

Researchers Katherine Wimpenny and Roy Bhakta will be evaluating the app as participants will be tested quantitatively for retention as well as, qualitatively on the suitability and usability of Spritzed materials.


*Add+Vantage Modules “teach a range of work experience and career development activities that are taken each year, and which broaden students knowledge, skills and qualifications within a work focused environment.” Students select one module per year from a substantial list which they feel can benefit there studies and career prospects.

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