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Disruptive Educators took the Student Seat

Author: Kate Green   28th September 2015

Last week we invited the Disruptive Educators community back into the lab for a meet-up, only this wasn’t any ordinary meet-up as we had a secret agenda to surprise the educators with.

Using the Hill space, cushioned with beanbags, the educators were already out of the usual environment they would usually expect a ‘typical’ DMLL event to be. We surprised them further when we revealed that they would be taking the student seat, experiencing their first disruptive lecture, delivered by none other than Alan Richards.

Alan had kept his lecture a secret, but what he didn’t know was that we were keeping an extra secret from him; graduate and Project Activator Kritika David was one of Alan’s students and she shared with the community her experience of Alan’s teaching.

Using a Prezi presentation as a visual aid, but not a visual tie, Alan delivered his thoughts about a student currency (CUcoin) which encourages knowledge sharing over knowledge hoarding (heutagogy). What could have been deemed as a contemporary lecture became disrupted with questions being asked throughout the talk. This behaviour might not be typical of a lecture with students, but we wonder whether having a more informal teaching environment may help knock down this stigma of lecturer authority.

To join the online community and conversations justĀ click here. We are now focusing on launching Disruptive Learners, a student community to support the DMLL’s projects moving forward. We hope that both of these communities will cross over in the future.

To see Alan’s Prezi presentation, please see below.

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