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SWING features at AGCAS Conference

Author: Kate Green   4th September 2015

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AGCAS-squareOver the last couple of days I have been at the AGCAS conference, hosted at Warwick University. I was there on behalf of the SWING team, disseminating the disability model developed during the project. Despite the conference’s main focus being on careers and development with many other exhibitors from services such as UniTemps and Target Jobs, there was an overwhelming amount of support for how to support students with disabilities with the careers. Although the SWING project’s focus has been to improve the student experience for those in Morocco and Egypt; there was an interest to see whether the SWING model could be applied at UK universities.  

I did manage to get to a session led by Swansea University, which focused on the ‘Growth Mindset’. The workshop was focused on how careers advisors should encourage the development of this mindset in students who are preparing for graduate life. Interestingly, the delegates attending the workshop saw that this is something that should be embedded throughout a student’s time at university and shouldn’t be left until the very end. Personally, I think that we at the DMLL have the capacity to support lecturers and students adopt this mindset; we allow for failures, because where there is failure, there is something to be learnt. Below if the TEDx Talk video used in the workshop and I definitely would recommend watching it. 


This is a great illustration to help us encourage ourselves and students to think differently approaching our work and studies.

Growth Mindset, by @ICTEvangelist (Mark Anderson)
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