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July 2016

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Videos / Lost in Disruption? Closing Plenary

Speakers: Jim Groom, Brian Lamb, Jacqui Speculand, Fiona Harvey, Farduus Mohamed, Becky Morris Location: The Grass   About the session The closing plenary discussion held at the DMLL Expo in 2016 is between the keynotes and the DMLL’s student activators, speaking critically about Higher Education.

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Videos / Disability, Accessibility and Enabling Technologies

Speakers: Lawrence Howard, Paul Doyle and Katherine Wimpenny Location: The Grass   About the session For this Disruptive Bytes the theme will be Disability, Accessibility and Enabling Technologies. This session will explore lessons learnt and existing practices of Hereward College, HandsFree Computing and the Swing project with respect to supporting and enabling people with disability..

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Videos / Certification in Gamification

Speakers: António Coelho, Helen Routledge and Samantha Clarke Location: The Grass     Foreword: Serious games are starting to attain a higher role as learning tools in contexts such as education and training. In this talk we provide a set of guidelines for game designers to build specific games, not only for training, but also..

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Advisory Group / Gary Hall


Member of Advisory Group Gary Hall is a media theorist working at the intersection of philosophy, art and politics. He is Professor of Media in the School of Art and Design, and Director of the Centre for Disruptive Media, at Coventry University.

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Blog : Lanchester Interactive Archive: The Story of One of Britain’s Greatest Inventors

14th July 2016
Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 08.35.08

In February this year work finally got underway to realise the plan to digitise and make available the archive collection of Frederick Lanchester, the English engineer, creator, inventor, designer and all round polymath. Lanchester (after whom the Library is named) designed and built the first all British motor car in 1895, and went on to..

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