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Blog : Flipping the University with L·E·A·R·N

23rd June 2017
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Yesterday, at the Coventry University Creating Better Futures Conference, I ran a workshop for academics and teaching staff on how to flip their classrooms. I had just forty minutes to work with the members of staff to explain the University definition of flipped learning, and explore ways in which to flip sessions and courses themselves…

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Blog : Lets Get Mindstorming with LEGO

12th June 2017

On Friday, Alan Richards and myself took a trip to Earlsdon Library, Coventry. Loaded up with LEGO Mindstorm robotics kits, we kicked off a series of Code Club sessions the DMLL are helping run. The sessions are designed to allow children to explore and experiment with coding and robotics, inspiring the future generations to study..

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Blog : LEGO Bento Staff Training

4th April 2017

  The Beyond Flipped team are now offering LEGO Bento Staff Training for all staff at Coventry University wishing to deploy LEGO-A-GO-GO. Sign up by logging in to the Organisational Development Portal and searching for ‘LEGO’. Building on the work of LEGO Serious Play, LEGO Bento sessions will explore the theory behind LEGO in education,..

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Blog : The Game Changers Team on Tour

23rd March 2017
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For the last four days, the Game Changers team have been on tour to CU Scarborough, local Scarborough colleges, and the Coventry University main campus. The tour was to promote Game Based Learning (GBL) and Playful Learning. We’ve had students, staff, and members of the public join us to learn about using games and play..

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Blog : Beyond Flipped at The Big Bang Fair

13th March 2017

Today some of the Beyond Flipped team took a trip to this year’s Bing Bang Fair, a STEM outreach event for school children. Inspiring creativity and interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the use of innovative technologies, hands-on activities, and immersive experiences. The event was jam-packed with exciting exhibits, activities, and performances, designed..

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Project : Shakespeare Week Project

8th February 2017
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Overview The DMLL is working with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) to create an interactive platform that will be used as part of the Shakespeare Week activities that they organise for primary school children. The platform is hosted on MakeWaves, a digital badges platform aimed at children under the age of 13. We have collaborated with SBT and MakeWaves..

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Blog : Disruptive Humanities – Designing a New Course

11th November 2016

This week the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) ran the first of their Beyond Flipped SPRINTs for Dr Darren Reid and Brett Sanders of the University’s School of Humanities. Darren and Brett see new pedagogical practices as an integral part of increasing student satisfaction and enabling deep learning. They worked with the DMLL to design..

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10th November 2016

The GAMECHANGERS programme has successfully secured HEFCE funding to establish an open game design and literacy course and community of Coventry University undergraduate students across its various campuses. Our approach is underpinned by the pedagogical approaches of ‘game-based learning’ and ‘learning by designing’. Through engaging students with the fundamentals of game creation, they will get..

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Project : Beyond Flipped

15th September 2016

Beyond Flipped is ‘a practice that creates learning through active participation and skills development through the curation of educational experiences in a technology rich learning environment’. Beyond Flipped is an approach that utilises the benefits of learning technologies and places an emphasis on student participation and the learning process. Within this approach there is a..

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Videos / An Interview with Beck Stewart

  About Beck Stewart is an active community member of the DMLL, previously pitching a collaborative project idea with her colleague about and Open Badges. The DMLL adopted these project ideas partnering with Becks to support and develop the two ideas further. Beck began testing and Open Badging within her classrooms with positive..

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