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Blog : Beyond Flipped at The Big Bang Fair

13th March 2017

Today some of the Beyond Flipped team took a trip to this year’s Bing Bang Fair, a STEM outreach event for school children. Inspiring creativity and interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the use of innovative technologies, hands-on activities, and immersive experiences. The event was jam-packed with exciting exhibits, activities, and performances, designed..

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Digital Leaders

Project : Digital Leaders

12th September 2016
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Overview: CU Digital Leaders is a new student-staff partnership being piloted in 2016-17 with the aim of helping students improve their digital competences, take ownership of their online presence and gain awareness of their own digital identities. Based on peer-to-peer learning, This initiative is a collaboration of the Lanchester Library, the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL), and the Office of..

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Blog : Life as an Activator – Interview with Graduate Lauren Heywood

17th August 2016
Lauren Heywood

Lauren Heywood graduated in 2014 from her Fine Art degree, and has been working at the DMLL since May 2015. We met up with our Graduate Activator as she lifts the lid on what life is like working within the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. Being at the forefront of teaching innovation, we figured the best..

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Blog : What is an Open Badge?

10th August 2016
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Reblogged from CU Open Badges. An increasingly popular means of recognising, rewarding and publicising achievements, skills and knowledge. Open Badges are… “a new online standard to recognize and verify learning”- Mozilla Open Badges earned from multiple sources and collected in a single backpack stackable, allowing earners to build a rich digital identity displayed across social..

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DMLL Add+vantage

Project : Student-Led Learning (DMLL Add+Vantage)

10th April 2015
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Overview Technology is evolving so quickly that devices and software skills are obsolete almost as soon as they are acquired. In this evolving scenario graduates will need to be adaptable and flexible, with the ability to identify new technologies and approaches to ensure that they are ready for, and ahead of, the market. We have..

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Videos / Badging for Learning

Badging for Learning

  About the session The Disruptive Media Learning Lab was host to a hands-on Badging Workshop by Mark Riches (Co-Founder of Makewaves). Mark delivered a short talk about badging before giving attendees the tools to integrate badging into their teaching and learning activities. If you would like to learn more about badging or you have a class,..

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