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Project : CU Domain of One’s Own

26th September 2016
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Overview Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) initiatives allow students and faculty to register a subdomain (or buy a separate domain) and associate it with hosted web space offered by their universities for free. After leaving university, users have the choice to download a backup of their files and data that may be restored using the..

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Blog : Life as an Activator – Interview with Graduate Lauren Heywood

17th August 2016
Lauren Heywood

Lauren Heywood graduated in 2014 from her Fine Art degree, and has been working at the DMLL since May 2015. We met up with our Graduate Activator as she lifts the lid on what life is like working within the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. Being at the forefront of teaching innovation, we figured the best..

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Blog : What is an Open Badge?

10th August 2016
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Reblogged from CU Open Badges. An increasingly popular means of recognising, rewarding and publicising achievements, skills and knowledge. Open Badges are… “a new online standard to recognize and verify learning”- Mozilla Open Badges earned from multiple sources and collected in a single backpack stackable, allowing earners to build a rich digital identity displayed across social..

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Proofs: Deconstructing Logical Arguments - Title Graphic

Project : Proofs

13th April 2015
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Project Leader: Mark Hodds Overview: This project is led by Mark Hodds in sigma and has two main focuses. The first, within the field of mathematics, is to try and improve students understanding of mathematical proofs. It is well documented that students struggle to understand and construct mathematical proofs despite it being a key part of..

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Project : Independent Learning (

13th April 2015
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Overview ( is an online training platform offering tutorials and full training packages in software, programming, soft skills and a wide range of online programmes and tools. It was used in a small scale trial from January 2015. The pilot trial looked at the use of 60 licenses, primarily used in the Media Department..

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Blog : Self-Explanation of Proofs

27th February 2015

Mark Hodds from Sigma (Coventry University’s Maths and Statistics support centre) is working with Roy Bhakta, Senior Research Assistant, and Jonathan Worth, Principal Project Lead, to develop ‘self-explanation training’. This seeks to support students in confidently understanding and developing mathematical proofs. It is understood that undergraduate mathematics students struggle with mathematical proofs (see Weber, 2010 for example). Being able..

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