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Visiting Fellow

Audrey Watters is a writer who focuses on education and technology — the relationship between politics, pedagogy, business, culture, and ed-tech. She has worked in the education field for over 15 years: teaching, researching, organising, and project-managing. Although she was two chapters into her dissertation (on a topic completely unrelated to ed-tech), she decided to abandon academia, and she now happily fulfils the one job recommended to her by a junior high aptitude test: freelance writer.

At the end of every year since 2010 she has reviewed the most important and influential trends in education technology. This isn’t just a “listicle” – a quick dash through popular technologies. Rather, it’s an in-depth exploration and analysis of the events of the year:

Audrey was a visiting fellow at the lab in April 2017.

Image: CC-BY Alan Levine

Videos of Audrey’s talks at the Lab coming soon!

AUDIO: Coventry.Domains Event (3-April-17), talk by Audrey Watters

Please be aware that is blocked by the Coventry University network, and so you will need to listen to / download the audio elsewhere.

Audrey’s blog posts on talks given at the Lab:

Education Technology’s Completely Over, April 7th 2017, from ‘Perspectives in Education Technology: in conversation with Audrey Watters and Jim Groom’
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