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Site-Specific Projections

Author: Kate Green   3rd February 2015

In this Research and Development (R&D) project we will explore teaching and learning techniques using live mobile outdoor projections of information (text, still and moving image) in situ on specific historic buildings and sites. Helen Keegan, Principal Project Lead at the DMLL, is working with Adrian Palka from Coventry School of Art and Design (CSAD) who is leading the trial in a Performing Arts module.

In the initial trial that led to this project, Performing Arts students used iPads and Pico projectors to give spontaneous lectures on the history of central Berlin during a nighttime orientation walk while setting the historical context visually through projecting onto the surrounding environment. Due to the success of this trial, along with the positive findings from the introduction of film into traditionally verbal presentations in Performing Arts, we want to extend our approach in order to identify the potential to enliven teaching, research and assessment methods through live audio-visual projection.

Drawing on experiences with live projections, live feeds and live collaging in site-specific performance and installation, we aim to develop new forms of assessment where the focus is on “situated assessment”, performance and public engagement. We propose a 3-stage development process:

  • Situated assessment
  • Projections/installations
  • Public engagement
  • Beacon
  • Sensors
  • Story comes to life
  • Co-presence
  • Merged reality
  • Remote collaborative performance

Ultimately, this project aims to disrupt established practice through the use of AV and communications technologies to situate pedagogies of performance through the organic connections between information, history and architecture.

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