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Jonathan Worth: Discussing Copyright at European Parliament

Author: Kate Green   23rd April 2015

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Principal Project Lead Jonathan Worth was invited this week to speak at the European Parliament alongside Hollywood Director Lexi Alexander and author Cory Doctorow as creators at the forefront of the changing cultural economy.

“The recurring theme of the success stories of authors making a living with the Internet is fostering a positive relationship between author and audience, to a point where these roles merge and creation takes place through interaction. Photographer Jonathan Worth shared a moving story of how he developed a critical stance on copyright enforcement when he found out that a young woman who was infringing his copyright was also one of the greatest promoters of his work. His experience is a great example of how using Creative Commons licences and making a living through artistic creation is entirely compatible. In his open photography classes, which have now become a more important part of his professional activity than the photography itself, Worth has crowdsourced the development of his teaching methods and is allowing students from all over the world to participate via the Internet.”
MEP Julia Reda, Greens/EFA, Pirate Party


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