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The Lab

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) is a semi-autonomous cross-University experimental unit whose remit is specifically to drive innovation of teaching, learning and practice forward (in the ‘Google model’: to break and remake existing ways of doing higher education) so that the University can re-model its own practices.

The key ethos of the Lab is that it is a safe space, physically and intellectually, to support the development of class-leading thinking by any and all stakeholders in education at the university. The success of the Lab will be measured by the levels of engagement and cross-discipline development as much as the introduction of new technologies and approaches to the classroom. The overall strategy will be to use pathfinder projects which then model/stimulate innovations across the departments, faculties and services.

The over-arching aim of the DMLL is to become a focal point, for innovation and positive change in teaching and learning at Coventry University. The DMLL will instigate, stimulate and accelerate innovation by challenging mind-sets, advocating provocative and radical ideas and approaches in order to change the University’s established frames of reference, structures and mechanisms.


Our Projects


The Lab focuses on innovations in new teaching and learning methodologies and technologies.  The DMLL will drive forward innovation, lead and support initiatives within the overall remit of ‘disruptive media learning’. Our projects are a combination of innovative push from the DMLL team and pull by demand from learners.  The success of the projects can be monitored by innovation, uptake and reach.

Some examples are Flipped Classrooms, Open Courses, new models of online-learning, games science and Gamification. We work across all the Faculties and departments in the University to challenge and enhance traditional approaches to teaching and learning.

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Our Spaces


Situated on the top floor of Coventry University’s Lanchester Library, the Disruptive Media Learning Lab is at the heart of the university city campus. After its transformation from a library floor to an innovative teaching and learning space, the Disruptive Media Learning lab (DMLL) now has experimental spaces: the Grass (an open grass amphitheater); the Hill (open wooden pyramid); the teaching room and three themed project rooms called Circles, Wood and Curves.

A venue for any occasion. From group study work to conferences; the aims to be a little different with its open, collaborative and unique spaces.

Image of The Grass Lecture Space

The Grass

Capacity: Aprox. 50 

The Grass is an open plan, three-tiered, astroturf amphitheatre designed to foster a relaxed environment and inspire collaboration. The space is ideal for talks, teaching, seminars, large meetings, practical workshops, and group discussions. Complete with an 80 inch display, WiFi access, and power outlets throughout the space.

In order to fully appreciate The Grass’s welcoming atmosphere and collaborative potential, we would highly recommend a visit!

Image of The Hill Workspace

The Hill

Capacity: Aprox. 30 

In the form of a five tier wood-effect structure, The Hill is designed to shake up the traditional meeting space, replacing a single level of tables and chairs with a more dynamic, multi-level social space, complete with power points and bean bags a plenty. This relaxed environment, crafted to inspire creative thinking, chance encounters, and spontaneous collaborations, is the perfect meeting space for group meet-ups and creative brainstorming sessions.

Image of The Open Cafe Space

The Open Café

Open 8:30 pm – midnight Monday-Friday throughout the academic year, the Open Cafe is a collaborative space, featuring organically shaped bespoke tables, designed to move and mould into a myriad of different positions to engage active group working. The Cafe features an array of Apple iMac computers, with additional power outlets throughout the space, ideal for laptops and other mobile devices.

A selection of A3/A4 colour laserjet printers, lightboxes, and guillotines are provided for student and staff use.


The Project Rooms

Our three Project Rooms offer stylish, comfortable spaces, for small group collaboration. The individually themed ‘Circles’, ‘Curves’ and ‘Wood’ rooms are ideal for workshop breakout spaces, project planning meetings, and video conferencing.

Each project room is equipped with a large LCD screen, complete with video conferencing camera and active stereo speakers. With 3 freestanding foldable tables accommodating 8 seats, each space is highly adaptable for your needs.

Circles Project Room – Capacity: Aprox. 6-10 

Curves Project Room – Capacity: Aprox. 6-10

Wood Project Room – Capacity: Aprox. 6-10


Beanbags   Circle Project Room   Curves Project Room   The Grass Space   Open Cafe iMacs   Wood Project Room

The DMLL spaces can be reserved free of charge for CU lecturers and staff.
Third parties can also use these spaces for a fee. Please download this form for more information.

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