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What Motivates you to Learn Exhibition

Author: Kate Green   10th December 2015

As part of our November Autumn Disruption, Debra James and Lauren Heywood worked together to create an interactive exhibition for participants to share their thoughts on teaching and learning.

It is heartwarming for us to read such honest feedback; with many students wanting to have more interaction and fun brought into their learning. We feel like this is exactly the kind of experience we want to be bringing to students. We feel encouraged that our efforts, whether that is building extra curricular activities to compliment learning (Game Changers), or to bring performing arts in the class room (Shakespeare Disrupted), or to even let students take control of their own learning experience (DMLL Add+Vantage) we are so thrilled that this is what students are looking for.

Something that we have recognised is that those who participated, there is a varying degree of how many students are extrinsically motivated and how many are intrinsically motivated to learn. Extrinsically motivated students are those driven with the carrot and stick approach; ‘sitck’ motivators such as the financial cost of failing pushes students to achieve more highly, while other ‘carrot’ motivators such as graduation encourages¬†others. Conversely, on the other hand, there is one comment that epitomises an intrinsically motivated student:

What keeps you motivated to learn?

“my desire for success”

This exhibition is a visual reminder that students are all here with different goals and different motivations and it is something for us to think carefully about.

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