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DMLL Hosts #CovMayor Debate

Author: Oliver Wood   19th April 2017

Yesterday the DMLL played host to a live BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio debate between the five running candidates for the Mayor of the West Midlands. From 3PM onwards Phil Upton broadcast live from the DMLL Meeting Room before joining a live audience of 100 people in the DMLL Open Cafe to discuss why people should vote for the five candidates in the upcoming local elections on the 4th May 2017.

With excellent support from the central marketing team, ITS, and a number of helpful student ambassadors the event went well, with the audience getting stuck in to the conversation and the candidates sharing their views of what they would do should they become Mayor.

If you missed the debate, you can listen online from BBC iPlayer Radio here.

Prior to the show going out live at 6:05PM, Coventry University Vice-Chancellor Prof. John Latham spoke with Phil about why Coventry remains relevant in Higher Education.

Prof. John Latham had this to say about the Disruptive Media Learning Lab;

“The Disruptive Media Learning Lab has been a real game changer around the types of education pedagogy here at the University.”

“If you look at modern young teenagers as they come through to University, they’re looking for education in a different way. One of the things that I think we’ve really been at the forefront of here at Coventry is putting together new forms of education practice, new ways of teaching, using technology to underpin what we’re doing, what the students who come and study with us are about, but also taking it much wider in terms of all forms of interaction between the student body and ourselves.”

You can find a number of photos from the day below.

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Image: @MichelleDawes Image: DMLL Image: @BBCCovWarks


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