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Coventry.Domains toolkit

Author: Daniel Villar-Onrubia   7th June 2017

Last Monday we tried out for the first time our brand new paper-based toolkit designed to facilitate Coventry.Domains introductory workshops. The toolkit, designed by Lauren Heywood, aims to help academics and students plan the design of their own websites and it covers all the basic elements to be taken into account when planning the development of websites with the content management system WordPress.

The toolkit includes


  1. A cut-and-stick “design your own domain” activity
  2. A glossary of basic terms and elements of a WordPress site
  3. An introduction to WordPress as a content management system
  4. An introduction to WordPress themes and how to choose the right one
  5. An explanation of the difference between “pages” and “posts”
  6. An explanation of the difference between “tags” and “categories”


On this ocassion we tested it with languages lecturers in the School of Humanities who are interested in the possibilities of embedding the use of this tool into the currculum.

The toolkit has been released under a Creative Commons BY-NC licence and is available here.



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