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Beyond Flipped


Beyond Flipped is a program of activity that seeks to develop practices that create learning through active participation and skills development through the curation of educational experiences utilising a technology rich learning environment. The program is run by Dr. Alan Richards, and involves a number of streams of activity, each focused on engagement and student experience whilst developing deep learning through participatory practices. The current key areas of the Beyond Flipped program include;



The L·E·A·R·N framework and associated deck of cards are designed to aid in the development of course,
module, and session design to provide reach learning experiences to students. The framework consists
of five elements; locate, evaluate, articulate, re-evaluate, and naturalise. L·E·A·R·N can be utilised by
staff to develop session, or can be ‘played’ by students to create fluid learning environments tailored to
specific topic domains.

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LEGO-A-GO-GO is a teaching tool deployed to provide hands on exploration of subject areas through the
exploration and presentation of metaphorical models. LEGO-A-GO-GO stems from research carried out
into LEGO Serious Play methodology, and can be deployed on short notice to help with student
engagement and deep learning. A number of LEGO Bento staff training sessions are available which can
be found at

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The CU SPRINT is a process designed to rapidly design and develop innovative new courses across the
University Group. Based upon the Google Ventures SPRINT, and the work carried out by IDEO and
Stanford’s d.School, the CU SPRINT facilitates course design with flipped methods at the heart in a
compressed time frame of between three and five days. Further µSPRINTS can then be utilised to
develop modular content. You can read more about SPRINT at

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MegaProject: Mars Colony

The MegaProject is an exploration into cross-disciplinary working between schools and faculties on a
centralised project stream. The chosen project stream for Coventry University’s pilot is for the
colonisation of Mars. Students will work with other disciplines to explore all aspects of a mission to
mars, from the technical elements (such as design of space craft), social elements (such as the
psychology of mission), through to health based elements and more, a comprehensive working group
will be established which will allow students to ‘hang’ their final year dissertations off.

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