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Charlie talks Work Experience: Week 5

Author: Alex Masters   15th March 2016
by Charlie Legge, student at Coventry University doing his work experience with the lab

I’ve had a week off work due to being away, but now it’s back to the grindstone. I’ve completed a rough user guide for Learnium and I’m in the process of reviewing consent forms and surveys as part of the next stage of the project, although most of the previous phase’s materials will be suitable. There’s also talk of a “Learnium Lunch” in just over a week in order to meet the teachers who are utilising Learnium in their modules, trying to get an insight into how much they use the platform and their opinions on it, which will be fun because there’s food involved.

My supervisors Jacqui and Gemma are away this week, but at this point I’m fairly independent in my work so I’m quite happy to go along my own way today. The analysis for the SOPI project has also started, using my notes from the assessments to assist, making me feel a little more useful. Another exciting (relatively) point recently is that my bug report has made it’s way to the founders of Learnium and has been taken on board and the majority of issues have been fixed! Even the post on the support page titled “Dale smells”, which had been there since the site’s launch, has been removed; much to Dale’s delight.

So onwards and upwards with my work in the DMLL, I’m starting to feel more and more involved in the projects, and am looking forward to carrying on my work past my mandatory 80 hours of work experience.

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