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Diary of an Intern: A new year and my continuing contribution to the cause!

Author: Tyrone Bellamy-Wood   28th January 2016

CWhAB7iWcAAI9IuI’m back in the saddle after a revision filled holiday and ready to take on exams, work placement applications, and the continuing ImparApp project!

With the tools I have learnt, I have felt very confident in tackling tasks around the university; including my student rep duties and report writing for projects I’m part of within this academic year’s modules so far. The attitude I have now has made me stand out and lead groups into a solution driven mindset, and I feel great being part of it.

Alongside the continuing ImparApp project, some additional responsibilities have emerged; including providing information, where and when I can, towards a new project the DMLL called Game Changers. With everything that’s going on at the moment I wish I could provide more input, but the one issue I feel I’ve had is turning all the development content into design/teaching content. Thankfully, there’s a new member within the DMLL team Luca Morini, who started at the end of last year and was able to filter out some of the game design resources I had found that might be relevant to both tech-based games and board games as part of the Game Changer programme resources! The picture to the right shows the me and the Game Changers team at a lunch meeting just before Christmas 🙂

With this new semester comes new challenges. I have never felt more ready or more determined to succeed; and armed with a creative writer who is ready to co-develop the rest of the ImparApp project with me, I feel I can see the end in sight from what seemed to be an unclear start.

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