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Charlie talks Work Experience: Week 2

Author: Alex Masters   15th February 2016
by Charlie Legge, student at Coventry University doing his work experience with the lab

After my first day’s work, this Monday was more of a normal day; spent finishing the analysis on the assessments I’ve been looking at and trying to organise them into some sort of coherent summary, in order to be able to examine them effectively later. I’ve been lent a MacBook Air for the duration of my placement, so that’ll make working immensely easier than using my rather less-portable desktop at home.

Finishing the 145th assessment today was a huge relief, now I just have to order the notes on every one. It does sound boring, but honestly, the subject matter in the assessments is interesting, if a little repetitive after the 20th time. And the actual method – thematic analysis – is exactly the method I’ll shortly be using for my coursework in my Psychology course, so it’s actually useful experience too.

Work was punctuated today by catching the end parts of the GameChangers talk, held by Alex, part of the team working on the project. It was held on the mysteriously named “Grass” just outside the DMLL office, and offered some interesting insight into the project on top of my brief introduction last week. Although it seems to be at a frenetic pace at this stage of the project, there was still time for some one-on-one chats afterwards too.

And finally, before I clocked off, I was introduced to a secondary project I may be helping with: “Learnium”. Essentially Learnium is a social network/educational forum hybrid that’s currently in development and testing, so I’ve been reading up and may have some more work in the next few weeks!

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