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Reblog: Blabbing with Game Changers

Author: Kate Green   19th February 2016

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As part of the Game Changers programme, I was always keen to have a global conversation to echo what gamification in learning can afford. As a learner and teacher of open programmes, I believe that the connected network has so much to offer learners, disregarding whether they are formally known as teachers or students. We are all learners.

Now, it is of no surprise that there are of course some vocal gamification enthusiasts out there and so I started to make the progress of the Game Changers programme publicly available on Twitter. Reaching out to Maha Bali and beginning conversations with her then flourished into more conversations with Mark McGuire and Maha Abdelmoneim. And so, I thought how great would it be to get these people live in the same room to talk about their experiences and reflections of gamification in learning. As they all share this same ‘open’ ethos as I, it didn’t take too much persuasion to get a conversation organised.

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