The Lab has been lucky enough to work with some pretty inspirational people both within the University group and beyond. Because of this we have been able to design and develop lots of tools and resources, as well as experiment with a range of different approaches to teaching and learning. All of these have been neatly packaged into the ‘Toolbox’ for you to explore and experiment with. Case studies and videos from our community members can also be found below to help positively provide you with inspiration you need to take your next teaching to the next level!

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Our video archive contains a host of resources including walkthrough guides, keynote presentations, video case studies and more. We’re always adding more content, so keep checking back so you don’t miss the best bits!

Micro Case Studies

Making the Most of Online Opportunities

The growth of online spaces as an intrinsic part of the learning journey provides a number of opportunities as well as challenges. Making the most of the possibilities online tools and resources provide can improve the quality, engagement, and overall student experience.

Linda's use of Coventry.Domains

Linda Martin, from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, talks about how embedding Coventry.Domains into curriculum has empowered students to develop their online presence and digital fluency.

Thamu's use of Coventry.Domains

Thamu Dube, from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, talks about how embedding Coventry.Domains into curriculum has empowered students to develop their online presence and digital fluency.

Maha's thoughts on teaching and learning on/with the Open Web

Maha Bali is Associate Professor of Practice at the Centre for Learning & Teaching, American University in Cairo (AUC). Here she discusses how attitudes of openness translate both to the web and the physical world, and how for many the term ‘open’ relates to matters of social justice, and how to collaborate and provide opportunities beyond boundaries and borders.

Anne-Marie's thoughts on teaching and learning on/with the Open Web

Anne-Marie Scott is Deputy Director of Learning, Teaching & Web at the University of Edinburgh. Here she discusses how the concept of an Open Web is not just about technical standards but also social factors such as who is included and who has permission to make and publish knowledge on the Open Web.

Catherine's thoughts on teaching and learning on/with the Open Web

Catherine Cronin is an educator, researcher and educational developer at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Here she discusses how providing educational experiences beyond bounded online learning spaces supports learners to become engaged citizens in an open, networked and participatory culture.

Playful & Gameful

Have you ever thought about how to make learning more fun and engaging? Have you considered using games and playfulness to help communicate ideas to students? If so, then read on for inspiration on all things playful and gameful.

Rob's Team Phoenix

Nothing is better than some fun to build a team! Rob Eddon, from Coventry University Students’ Union, talks about how an in-house game show helped student athletes to improve their communication skills and athletic performance.

Tiziana and Billy’s ImparApp

Have you ever played Pokemon GO? Of course you have! Tiziana Cervi-Wilson and Billy Brick, from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, talk about their experience with students co-designing a pervasive gaming app. ImparApp helps people learn Italian while discovering clues to a time-travel mystery scattered all around Coventry!

Mark's Saving Sandford

Have you ever played role-playing games such as Pokemon or Stardew Valley? What if you could make your own game to support learners explore real-world scenarios in health and social care? Mark Richardson, Learning Technologist at CU Scarborough, talks about Nicola Angel: Saving Sanford, a game-based educational resource that uses the power of storytelling to immerse learners in real-world problem solving.

Duane's BottlED

Have you tried the latest sports drink PERFORMANCE NECTAR? Duane Mellor talks about BottlEd, a game-based educational resource and approach to curriculum design to encourage learner curiosity and real-world problem solving.

Creative Solutions

If you want to flip your classroom but don’t know where to start, then check out how others have approached flipping their learning journey. Read on to find out more.

Brett and Darren's Course Design SPRINT

Brett Sanders and Darren Reid, from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, discuss their experience participating in a five day CU Sprint to develop a prototype of a radical new Disruptive Humanities course.

Paul's CU Sprint Journey

Paul Cashian, from the Faculty of Business and Law, talks about his three day CU Sprint journey, working with colleagues in-faculty to explore a radical re-think of the Academic Personal Tutor scheme using sprint methodology.

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