Creative Play for Learning

October 8th 2018  |  9:00AM to 12:30PM  |  Disruptive Media Learning Lab


Playful and Gameful

Play for learning and learning through play!

Beyond Flipped

Active participation and skills development.

Digital and Networked

Fostering competency and engagement in a networked age

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL), is a cross-university experimental unit comprising of academics, learning technologists, subject librarians, educational developers and researchers. The Lab is based in the heart of Coventry University’s campus in a newly refurbished space on the top floor of the Frederick Lanchester Library, uniquely designed to promote open dialogues, collaborative work and exploratory play for all interested in defining the 21st century university.

Getting Started

Not sure how to start innovating? No problem!
Explore the Lab’s innovation hub to find inspiration and discover tools to support your practice!

Flipped Learning

Innovative learning practice through active participation

Playful & Gameful

Games for learning, and learning through play

Digital & Networked

Foster competency and engagement in a networked age

Our Strategic Aims


Drive a culture of open innovation across the Coventry University Group, by expanding and enhancing the distinctive, internationally recognised and sector-leading ethos and approach to higher education innovation, research and development.  Helping to make Coventry an international exemplar of best practice.


Stimulate innovation and collaboration by challenging mind-sets amongst key stakeholders in teaching and learning. Champion and evaluate new practices, tools, methodologies, facilitate path finder cross-faculty collaborations and create shared spaces which incubate and nurture future looking ideas and pedagogies.


Positively influence the teaching and learning culture working in partnership across the Coventry University group. Act as a facilitator for constructive, fast-tracked, change across the University and more generally, drawing on developments demonstrated and proven in the Lab.


Provide enhanced opportunities, space, resources, capabilities and funding for agile experimentation with creative, playful, radical and provocative ideas, models and approaches. Advocate a positive attitude for understanding uncertainty and learning from failure towards fostering new best practices for effective teaching and learning innovation.


Identify and sandpit ambitious initiatives that make a real impact on the learning landscape. Explore, repurpose and remix approaches and technologies in order to stimulate new income sources and practices, encourage and ferment exciting new international collaborations.


Welcome the opportunity to identify early challenges and obstacles that may ultimately impact the University more generally. Explore and mitigate early on, in a single place and within a tightly controlled environment

Recent Activity

OWLTEH at the Mozilla Global Sprint 2018

Last week we joined hundreds of people around the world for Mozilla’s global hackathon #MozSprint. Mozilla’s fifth annual global sprint took place over two days (Thursday May 10th and Friday May 11th 2018) to develop 147 open projects with people from 25 countries....

Pitching a Chat Based Digital Assistant for Business and Law

Building on an exercise to re-design the academic personal tutor system used in the Universities Faculty of Business and Law, it was identified that a 24/7 chat-based service to answer student queries could be beneficial to the overall student experience. Since that...

Prototyping the Student Experience in Business and Law

Student experience is an all-encompassing term which can cover anything from the quality of teaching to the provision of nightlife and social activities. At Coventry University, student experience is approached from a number of directions. There is an ethos of quality...

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