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Binatone TV Master 4+2


The 1970s marked the beginning of home video gaming, when Ralph Baer developed the Magnavox Odyssey. This early black & white console was manufactured by Magnovox & sold under licence in the UK by Binatone on the back of the ‘Pong madness’ caused by the launch of the Baer’s machine and was one of many similar models produced to capitalise on the fledgling electronic games market. Like the Odyssey it lacked a processor or any memory, being manufactured using transistors, resistors and capacitors. The upgraded MK 8, released in 1977 included Football, Ice Hockey, Gridball, Basket Solo, Tennis, Squash Solo, squash & Basket Ball games.

  • UK  – ? 1976
  • Units sold: Unknown
  • Number of games: 4 (Black & white)

Loaned by Kevin Musson

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