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Sony PlayStation 3


PlayStation 3’s Cell Broadband Engine has a 3.2GHz core & 7 SPUs. It came equipped with flash media slots & a blu-ray player, enabling high definition gameplay & media playback. At $500 it was pricey, but production costs meant that Sony made a loss on each unit. With few exclusive titles many buyers plumped for an Xbox 360 at $399 when they discovered that PS2 memory cards & controllers were unsupported. After Ken Kutaragi’s retirement in 2007 production costs were cut & a slimmer, cheaper version was released. In response to the popularity of the Wii, a Move motion controller & Eye camera were released in 2010.

  • Japan: 2006 – games development ongoing
  • Units sold:  84 million
  • Number of games: 1,408 (on Disc)
  • Game storage: Blu-ray
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